First few days in Melbourne

Aloha my Lovelies

So here I am, sitting in Flagstaff Gardens in Melbourne and writing my first blog. In front of me I can see the Monument 1871 St.Craven, I can hear people laughing and birds singing and I also can catch sight of the surrounding skyscrapers through the leaves of the trees. It sounds weird, but sometimes I still cannot believe that I am on the other side of the world, even after two months already!!!!! Time flies so fast and I have already experienced so much.

I know, I am a little behind with my TravelBlog, that’s why I really want to start with my first blog right now, when I have finally found time for myself in order to share all my experiences with you. I can still remember my first day in Melbourne. After my arrival I found my self really lost and super tired in the middle of a huge city. Thanks god I met this wonderful woman from Darwin at the Skybus bus station, which is a station for shuttles that run between Melbourne city centre and the airport. The woman’s name is Jane and I have really liked her from the very beginning! With her sweet soul, her extraordinary leopard coat, with her blond, pinned up hair and with her thick funky glasses this woman can put a smile on everybody! She even made time for me two days after! With her lovely husband we visited the Victoria State Library, where I could also learn a lot about the history of the state Victoria.

img_1455  dscf2054


After we went to the Victoria Markets, a place where hundreds of stallholders sell fresh produce, clothing, jewelry, handcrafts and souvenirs. This market was so busy and colossal regarding size, it is likely to get lost in there.

In the afternoon we visited Southbank, a bustling waterfront hub with its brown (some people call it “upside-down”, because of its brown color) Yarra River and afterwards we pass through some hidden laneways at the city centre.



The next morning Jane and her husband Marc took me to Sundays Market, which is a weekly regional craft market where local artisans show their handmade goods. Of course, I could not resist buying a Nutella Crêpe, the temptation was too big!!!

Thank you Jane and Marc for introducing me to Melbourne, especially in a time where I did not know anybody and did not have a fix accommodation! In the middle of December we have already planned a get-together in Darwin. As they moved back to Darwin I really had to start to tackle the challenges of settling down in Melbourne, and particularly looking for a fix accommodation before university starts, which turned out to be another crazy and patient endeavor, that I’m going to tell you in my second blog.

As you can see, I’m going to show you my most memorable experiences and thoughts in Melbourne and Australia/New Zealand. I am doing this blog for fun, so please don’t pick  on my (sometimes incorrect) English, as it is not my first language. Regarding the pictures, they have been taken either with my phone iPhone 6 or my camera Fujifilm X-T10.

Hope you enjoy reading. Aloha.


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