Settling down in Melbourne

Aloha my Lovelies

In this blog I write about my troublesome journey to my final fix accommodation.

Settling down in Melbourne as an exchange student isn’t too difficult. Finding an appropriate mobile service provider as well as a good but well-priced grocery store and creating a local bank account are reasonable doable, as Melbournians are very open and always willing to give a hand to a helpless blond person like me. However looking for an apartment was quite a challenge. I was looking for a private furnished room in a shared flat that is within the price range of $250-$280 per week.

The first apartment that I’ve found on, which actually was a little house outside of Melbourne, was quite shocking! When I open the door of the house, a huuuuuge cloud of weed was hitting me and the people living there weren’t even informed of my visit. Most of them were darn high, so that made keeping up a conversation really complicated. The house itself comprises three rooms: two private rooms and one shared room with eight people. Thus in total we would have been ten people and only one tiny bathroom!! Besides that the rooms and the kitchen were very dirty, small and scruffy.

The second apartment, that I’ve found on, was in a beautiful skyscraper close to the Crown Casino. However, when I entered the apartment my first good impression faded very quickly. The apartment was also very dirty and scruffy. I have really started asking myself if Melbournians are messy people and if I ever can find a somewhat clean apartment. This flat only had Asian residents who hardly spoke English. In addition to that two Asians literally lived on the coach in the living room and I honestly doubted their legal residential status.

After five other viewings which included other dirty apartments or very unfriendly flatmates, I have almost give up hope. But then finally I have found my dream flat or actually the dream flat has found me. Dina, the landlord of the house saw my profile on and texted me for a viewing. As I had nothing to lose I’ve visited the flat. The girls living in the apartment were very welcoming and pleasant. I instantly liked them and they were the first people who were really interested in me and in a social and interactive communal life. Also the apartment itself is great! It has three floors, all the bedrooms are on the second floor and the kitchen and living room are on the top floor. Moreover there are two bathrooms and two gigantic balconies with an awesome view of the city and of the skyscrapers. I was so lucky that Dina found me, this flat is simply beautiful!

My flatmates are Amanda, Marlene and Maija. Amanda is a lovely girl from Sydney and she has already completed her studies successfully in architecture. Her passion for eating garlic and ice cream really surprise me all over again. Marlene, the crazy girl from Norway, is a very positive and funny person. She studies art and since she is a student too, I spend most of my time with her. Her wild nature and her baking ability fascinate me every day. Maija is a very smart, keen and lovely person too. She comes from Brisbane and she has done her degree in Engineering, Electrical and Power and works now in a construction company. Going out with this bunch is always a lot of fun and I wish I could spend more time with them. But my courses on the weekends and my traveling plans make it not always possible. I’m really happy and thankful that I can stay here. Like my old flatmates in Switzerland they had to get used to my addiction to cottage cheese and protein powder, but I think besides that we really have a good life together. However, like all good things, this dream had one hook, because I had to wait two more weeks before I could move in.

My first lodging was nice, but also a bit isolated, that is why I did not stay there for too long. Coincidentally, on my fifth night in Melbourne a fire has broken out in the second floor, which reminded me of the fire I have experienced in the student housing in Hawaii. This really made me think: “why me?!” Fortunately nobody got hurt and all residents could go back to their rooms.

As I wanted to meet new people and get to know the culture of Melbourne, I have moved from my lodging to an airbnb accommodation before finally moving to the girls. It turned out to be a brilliant idea. I was living with Joshua, a student at Melbourne University and his dog Poco for a week. This dog has instantly stolen my heart when I first met her. She is the fluffiest dog in galaxy and so quiet and well-behaved. I straightaway felt in love with her! Joshua is also a super nice and smart person from Malaysia. I have enjoyed looking crazy series and listening to relaxing music with him while playing with poco. As a thank you I cooked “Rösti und Gschnetzlets” on my last day,although I had the impression that he didn’t like the creamy sauce:)

Finally on October 6th I could move into the shared flat to my girls. Henceforward I have finally had a fix accommodation, where I could settle down and feel home.

In my third post I will write about my first “sightseeing” trips in Melbourne that I have done before school started.



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