Exploring Melbourne

Aloha my Lovelies

In this blog I write about three lovely sightseeing spots in Melbourne that I have done in the first few days.

Before university begins, I had enough time to discover Melbourne. With my backpack, my camera, my blond hair and my Swiss accent, everybody could have seen from a thousand meter that I am a typical tourist. And to the guys who literally asked me if I’m a tourist, that’s a really bad and uncreative pick-up line that will never ever work!!!

One of my first stop was the Eureka Tower at South bank. This tower is not only the second highest tower in Australia, but also in the southern hemisphere! On the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower is the well-known observation deck at 285m. From up there numerous landmarks around all parts of Melbourne can be discovered during day and night and I can tell you the view across the city is amazing!

City and Laneways:


Botanic garden:

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